About Me
I turned to The Dynamic Trader and trend trading for a better quality of life.

I come from a background of Software Engineering, teaching English and photography before becoming a full time trader. It is a background that often surprises people as there is this misconception that to be a trader one needs to have a certain degree or have worked in The City. This is totally incorrect!

You simply need the desire to learn and, from experience, the right mentor!

One of my strengths is making strong decisions when not happy. I chopped and changed career choices as I was fed up with the sacrifices that I was making: either my passion, money or my time!

And that is why trend trading resonated with me from the start.....

I started trend trading in 2007. I liked how simple it was to adapt around my lifestyle in minutes a day with some good preparation at the weekend. But it was when I started experiencing compound growth that "making money" took on a different meaning.

Trend trading is about working smart and not hard!

In 2011, I went full time and in 2012, I started training others to achieve their goals as private traders. This was a natural progression for me from my days as an English teacher. I love to be part of the process of growth others make in life.

Zaheer Anwari
Proud member of The Dynamic Trader Community
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